Friday, March 16, 2012

Palm Beach Daily News Supplies Political Quote Of The Year

Who knew Palm Beach's One-Percenters called their town "the ATM of American politics."

From the Palm Beach Daily News:

Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker strode into the Town Hall council chambers Wednesday afternoon, briefly interrupting a coastal protection discussion, said basically hello, and was on his way...

He also left Palm Beach $200,000 richer in contributions, with more to come from pledges following a luncheon Wednesday organized by Town Council President David Rosow and Lee Hanley, who hosted the event at his Palm Beach home.

“This is the ATM of American politics,” said Councilman Bill Diamond, who spends much of his time raising money for Republican candidates.
New Scott Walker campaign logo?
File:ATM 750x1300.jpg
Possible Walker campaign T-shirt: "I went to Florida for spring break and all I got was $200,000"

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