Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Will Redraw Legislative Maps? Here's a Hint...

The Journal Sentinel Saturday editorial asks who will perform court-ordered redrafting to repair illegally-drawn maps that GOP legislators created for two Milwaukee Assembly districts that are heavily-Latino.

How about the Legislature, having schemed and played and spent our money by the hundreds of thousands of dollars only to botch the redistricting process and trample on voters' rights. Shouldn't legislators be adult enough to do fix their own mess?

This time, openly.

But the state wants to shirk that responsibility and let the court do what the Legislature wtried to to deny to the court just a few weeks ago.

Come on, editorial board. Raise a stink. Raise the roof!

Would we let the Common Council or County Board just take a hike?

How many times did the edit board rip the 14 Senate Dems for leaving the state during the collective bargaining battle?

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Betsey said...

And what about the ungodly sums paid to Michael, Best, and Freidrich for their 'work' in putting together the Plan to Fail in the first place?

As a Wisconsin taxpayer, I want my money back.