Wednesday, March 28, 2012

File This $207 Million Highway Expansion Under "No Surprise...No Money...No Problem"

Step one in the kabuki drama known as the local advisory committee stage of highway development in these here parts managed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission - - SEWRPC - -is over.

And...the recommendation is..."yes"...for an extension of I-794 south into the Milwaukee County suburbs for six miles, at an estimated cost to 'broke' Wisconsin of $207 million, to shave five minutes off an unbearable 15-minute commute into the Milwaukee downtown.

The proposed route for the extension will run more of less parallel to another Interstate highway close by - - I-94 - - which is undergoing a $1.9 billion repair and widening (a third-lane in both directions) between the south side of Milwaukee and the Illinois state line.


Say What? said...

And of course - they want to increase the speeds. The 40 mph speed limit is just fine on that stretch.

Let's take care of our local roads first.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that they're adding a fourth lane in each direction on I-94. How ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

SEWRPC supports extending the Lake "parkway" with no funding identified, but demands the KRM rail project have a local share. SEWRPC is the most anti urban regional plan commission in the US.Someday Milwaukee County will wake up and stop funding SEWRPC.
It's like paying for the rope that hangs you.
No government agency, with the possible exception of WISDOT, has done more damage to Milwaukee.