Monday, March 19, 2012

CRG Wants Recall of Jauch, Schultz - - Missing Fitzgerald

The Committee for a Responsible Government, or CRG - - wants to recall State Senators Bob Jauch, (D-Poplar) and Dale Schultz, (R-Richland Center) - - for voting "no" on the Assembly mining bill that was defeated 17-16.

Jauch and Schultz are accessible and popular incumbents; I doubt their seats are in danger.

The CRG hasn't had much recall success of late: Two Democratic Senators in CRG's sights last year - - Jim Holperin, (D-Conover), and Bob Wirch, (D-Pleasant Prairie) - -  turned back the challenges, and a 2009 CRG effort to recall Gov. Jim Doyle fell flat.

Besides, the CRG should really be mad at Majority Leader Fitzgerald - - himself facing a recall election - - for the failure of the mining bill because he scuttled an alternative bill in preparation by a special committee he created, and then wouldn't let a compromise, bi-partisan mining bill pushed by the afore-mentioned Jauch and Schultz even come to a vote.

Instead, Fitzgerald carried water for the mining company and Gov. Walker, forced consideration of the more controversial Assembly bill, didn't have the votes and saw the bill die.

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garage mahal said...

The more I think of the proposed mine I can't help but be gobsmacked that flattening the Penokees and the Bad River headwaters was ever somehow in the state's best interest. Why is any Democrat saying it should or could be done responsibly? Destroying all that treasure in return for low grade iron ore to made into fuel pallets for furnaces? Pure madness. I hope Jaush and the Democrats can at least expose what the WIGOP tried to do to the state in that bill. I wish I could say I didn't fear the buckling under all the browbeating.