Thursday, March 29, 2012

GOP Politicians, Talk Radio Loves Them Some Activist Judges

You still hear Republicans and Milwaukee talk radio hosts occasionally whine about liberal "activist" judges, but it's obvious that today's authentic, agenda-driven and partisan-leaning judicial action is on the Right, making their folks positively swoon.

WTMJ-AM radio talker Jeff Wagner yesterday was confidently predicting victory at the State Supreme Court for the completely unnecessary Voter iD bill that is on its way there from a State Court of Appeals.

Though the bill's implementation has been enjoined, and the State Supreme Court hasn't even released a briefing schedule for the case, Wagner was hoping against hope that the Court would at least lift the injunction in time for Tuesday's election.

The you've got the weird spectacle of the US Supreme Court behaving like micro-managing legislators when examining the small print in the Health Care case - - neatly spelled out legally and politically in this outstanding Washington Post piece by E. J. Dionne.

These days, Righty leaders loves them some judicial activism.

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