Friday, March 16, 2012

State Sen. Lena Taylor Receives Bag Of Excrement In The Mail

Presumably over her "no" vote on the mining bill.

From her Facebook page, where there was a photo of the package:

Lena C. Taylor
Unfortunately a mining supporter decided to send an envelope full of human excrement to my office. I apologize to the Capitol Police and Senate mail staff for having to open and dispose of this incredibly stupid idea someone had.


Paul Trotter said...

Why her? Racism?

Anonymous said...

you know what Paul? I think it's time we knee-jerk liberals (of which I'm actually not one) start using the other knee. Though I know that historically shit has been dumped on civil rights protestors, I don't think it's racism right now, it's cuz she's female. I say white-to-brown/black hate "looks" different than this. This really stinks of male-to-female abuse/humiliation, "whatcha gonna do about it" hate. The Sender wants horror, repulsion, shock, to be deeply disturbing in the most visceral, biological way possible. Somehow the shame the Sender should be feeling (but doesn't) gets transferred to the Victim. IMO You gotta have hormones involved in the motivating emotions for that. To me, the body-piles at Abu Ghraib had a lot of homoerotic sadism to them (and I'm sure a lot of people felt the same) That's the direction we're heading here, with the recent GOP Reforms to WI culture. Sens. Grothman et al (let's not forget Bitch-chokin' Prosser!) have declared open season on females, as a result, people like this will slither out from under rocks.

I would humbly suggest to Senator Taylor that she think about getting a nice "equalizer" and a larger handbag. Perhaps even the special kind of handbag that LOOKS normal but has fast gun access features. But that's just me.

re: her apologies to the staff - No Senator Taylor, we, the people of Wisconsin apologize TO YOU. We really do. We are deeply sorry you had this experience (ON A FRIDAY!) This is not what we are about, this is not what service to our great state is about. Thank you for your perseverance in the face (or ass) of outright insanity.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Maybe now she can understand the lefty union members mentality. Republicans have been dealing with their antics for years.

@ Anon @ 2:11: Are you really placing the blame for this deplorable act by an union(albeit alleged)member on Grothman & Prosser?

Your comments are priceless!