Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walker Throws Away More Family-Supporting Blue-Collar Jobs

Last year, it was the cancellation of the federally-financed Amtrak line from Milwaukee-to-Madison - - and the thousands of working years at solid wage levels that would have gone into building it.

Now Walker is tossing away a train maintenance shop, the good jobs that would have been available long-term to Milwaukee workers, and is willing to mothball two new trains for successful Hiawatha connection to Chicago.

Lost jobs for workers.

Older equipment foisted on the commuters.

There's your job-creator, making the case to labor and the business riders who commute to Chicago and back for his recall.

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Anonymous said...

He put all his eggs in the one basket - the G-Tac basket. With all of the industry/business Walker has chased away, (often after considerable money had been invested by people who wanted to START ENTERPRISE) I find it really disgusting that he and his evil familiars are focused LIKE LASERS on Jauch, Schultz and a bunch of people in flannel shirts Up North.

People squawk about "socialism". Socialism is what you have when government and business are TOO FRIENDLY. When Government tells you what jobs you will have. You don't get to decide that you want to start up a rail biz, or a wind turbine biz, and then do that while staying within the laws of a civilized society and not harming your fellow citizens. Nope. That would be wrong. Commandant Walker will tell you what jobs you may have, and where you may have them.
You will have the types of jobs, HE likes. And Scott likes mines.He does not like much else. He PARTICULARLY does not like the vast infusions of cash and related BUSINESS that a thriving University system floods (and I mean floods) into a community.
What would Madison, Eau Claire, Platteville, Oshkosh or any of them have been WITHOUT a thriving University in them?
While options are being taken away right and left, all we are offered is Mining Jobs. Everything else is too good for us? Other states' residents are better to do that work, not us hicks. We need to learn to let Scott decide our livelihoods for us. Walker is not really "free market" he is just protectionist for those who have already "made it". The rest of us are supposed to just serve the already established few.

You think this is an angry sarcastic rant, but not really. Where I live there have been cozy behind-the-scenes ephemeral consortiums of established business that puts pressure on elected officials to DISCOURAGE new industry and enterprise in my area. They like the low wages we have, the ready pool of desperate-for-work people.
More job choice means less leverage for the Few Bosses, and worse, means an overall rise in wages. I can't see any reason that rationale could not be applied at the state level.
There is also this

FYI Dave Duax is an old style Republican, his niece Laurie Forcier was also old style and was local party chair for 8 years. Now, a millionaire's son named Westrate has taken over. He is very very new style Rep.
O_o The Children of the Corn are here.