Friday, March 16, 2012

GOP Has Deeply Devalued Public Service In Wisconsin

Given the toxic, bought-and-paid for Republican presence in the State Legislature these days, what bright young person would even consider running for office and serving with that bunch?


Paul Trotter said...

Well- believe it or not there is still virgin optimism out there. Hint: DR and he has good liberal blood. Good soccer player too.

Gareth said...

My wife informed me last night of a co-worker who was so inspired by his involvement in the uprising over the last year that he is now running for local office. I think we can expect to see much more of this all over the state.

I feel confident that the Progressive political bench will be quite strong in a few years and I don't think people are much in the mood for a top-down, Rahm Immanuel style politics either. Party hacks beware.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Pathetic, just-out-of-school hacks like Ciara Matthews, Cullen Werwie, Keith Gilkes, Valerie Cass, and Brian Deschane.

Either that or D.C. bubble boys like Dennis Smith and Ted Nickel, who use the job as a temporary stop on the way to a major lobbying or "think-tank" job at some propaganda machine.

And that's one of the biggest reasons to blow Walker out of office- the Bush-like management style of rewarding loyatly and ideology over competence. Moving 37 positions from civil service to appointments is a great example of this hack-ocracy.

Anonymous said...

My agency can't hire engineers. The pay is too low and everyone knows the benefits now stink.