Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Federal Judges Could Send Redistricting Back To A 50-50 State Senate

Just sayin'.

Could happen.

No decision yet on the redistricting lawsuit now before a three-judge panel in Milwaukee federal court.

But wouldn't that be a fitting karmic outcome and unintended consequence enabled by the sudden resignation of State Senator Pam Galloway, (R-Wausau) to  her party's smarty-pants' secret legislating and scheming: a do-over, but with both parties in the Senate having an equal say in what would be a very different redistricting process.

Just sayin'.


Say What? said...

That would be fun to watch as they work together to establish population based maps.

gnarlytrombone said...

Not only probable, but quite likely.

Jim Bouman said...

I thought I heard the low rumble of distant thunder this morning. Turns out it was something else: Waukesha County Republicans grinding their teeth.

Say What? said...

I wonder how that works- doing these population based maps together? Or do they exchange maps, reject each other's and send it to an independent panel.