Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mark Neumann, A/K/A The Deer In The Headlights, Bolts With Terrified Piglet

Mark Neumann wlll never be ready for prime time.


Gareth said...

That video pretty much sums up every campaign that Mark Neumann has ever run. Priceless.

I suggest he next holds up a Pit Bull to demonstrate how he will take-a-bite out of government spending or perhaps a Python as a symbol of choking it off.

Congrats to the campaign manager. Best wishes in your next job.

James Rowen said...

At least he didn't drive away with the piglet in a kennel on top of his car.

Say What? said...

I think the pig liked the limelight. As soon as Neumann left the scene with the pig it started squealing like it was being tortured. What was Neumann doing to the pig?

Well that political stunt failed. Using animals to make a point.

When we we see Tommy on his tractor?