Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crying "Voter Fraud," Then Breaking The Voting Rights Act

It says a lot about the sincerity and motivation of Wisconsin's Republican legislators that while yammering about nearly fictional illegal voting and passing a restrictive Voter ID law to prevent it they were secretly writing a redistricting plan that Federal judges said last week  violated the voting rights of citizens in two heavily-Latino Assembly districts in Milwaukee.

Voter ID was a power move wrapped in propaganda aimed at suppressing the vote in traditionally-Democratic, lower-income, student and minority voting districts.

The redistricting plan was an abuse of power that would have diluted the influence and effectiveness of Latino voters and their representatives.

No wonder GOP legislative leaders won't reconvene the bodies to fix the plan and want to leave repairs to the Federal court.

Fixing their scheme would force them in the sunlight to take ownership of the entire redistricting farce and the hypocrisy underlying their Voter ID bill.

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Anonymous said...

A pattern of make a mess and failing to clean it up.