Friday, March 9, 2012

Glenn Grothman, Ever Clueless, Keeps Embarrassing Wisconsin

About time he takes flak for equating single-parenthood with child abuse.

The Huffington Post takes note.

The Pride of West Bend also says things were better in the 1950's.

Ah - - the 50's - - Good times for some folks, like Ozzie and Harriett, The Mickey Mouse Club, and Davy Crockett...but for others - - segregated schools (Glenn is a little slow on the matter of civil rights), McCarthyism, the Cold War, and a hot one in Korea  - - but here's why Grothman fondly remembers the '50's.

That's when he was a child.


Laurette McGovern said...

in regards to Walker, Stepp, the Fitzgeralds, Grothman, et al.:

The inmates have taken over the asylum.

But, frankly, I have only the voters of Wisconsin to blame for putting them in power.

Shame on you all!

Max B said...

What does Grothman know about it? He's unmarried, childless, and according to a clever commenter on this blog--months ago--lives in his mother's basement.

It went something like this: "Glenn Grothman, R-his mother's basement . . . "

PS to Laurette McGovern: Some of us Wisconsinites didn't vote for any of these ghouls, and yet we're stuck with them. Please don't shame on us all. Isn't having to live with them punishment enough?

cr8f said...

Democrats got 150,000 more votes in both houses last year but thanks to secret partisan redistricting...

Anonymous said...

that's bc ALL GOP are DIRTY. walker and state Congress DESIMATED WISCONSIN. ANY KID,ANY AGE CAN CARRY A GUN AND HUNT, BUT THEY CLAIM LINCOLN HILLS for boys is to harsh a punishment 4 kids who steal cars using a gun. it is too harsh 4 kids who robbed someone using a gun. too harsh for kids shooting up neighborhoods. GOP==PIGS AND DIRTY