Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cathy Stepp. In Her Own Words

Here is her priceless rant. Remember, as you read it, that this helped earn her Scott Walker's trust as Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.


Part One said...

And if a Democrat fanatic hate monger-er gets put in charge of something - who cares what - some one can search the Internetz and come up with that post they made not long ago in which they refer to conservative people as "knuckledraggers" and all kinds of other nastiness. Which will have been considered great and supportive by their own side. So yeas, This Stepp rant is one of an infinite number of loyalty declarations made by members of both sides of the aisle. Statements of Faith.

Yes, I know it's BS when people in comments counter any "naughty Republican" post with "Yeah But Jim DOYLE did XYZ..."
What I'm trying to say is, this is a Holy War now, between two relatively small groups with vested interests in keeping things heated up and just as they are. It's hopeless.
It's as hopeless as trying to get the factions in the Middle East to STFU for 5 seconds and look at what they're both doing.(I mean the Israelis and "Arabs", not the US War on Terror vs. everyone over there in the old cradle of civilization) Each "side" ONLY (and somewhat gleefully) points to ONLY the most recent atrocity against them as both proof of their own White Innocence and justification for retaliation and - another round of putdowns and name-calling.

As an Independent, non-urban Wisconsin resident I have some "issues" and opinions that do not fit rigidly and neatly into EITHER party platform. If you look at the platforms they are rather arbitrarily constructed and have evolved over time in to an amalgam of not-always- -logical-together types of positions.
Pro-war, yet pro-life. Pro-Union, yet elitist. And so it goes.

But, the kicker is, as such a person I can't go ANYWHERE, neither Left nor Right, without being MORTALLY insulted and ridiculed by "passionate" partisans, all the righteous Holy Crusaders. If I look at conservative blogs I find myself horribly insulted for some of my "independent" views, if look at Left blogs, the insults are still as bad, but for other "reasons".

Part Two said...

I mention this now because, at this time when Democrats are DESPERATELY in need of the Independent vote, they are (if anything) ramping up the insults when it comes to all issues NOT directly related to Scott Walker's recall. This is amazing to me, and also I think dumb beyond belief. Random people come across blogs, let's be as crappy as possible so we alienate them back to Scott Walker OR so that they just throw their hands up and stay home? Again?

Then, we can all write myriad posts on "why people stay home and/or vote against their best interests". But this will never stop. The biggest "crime" any political junkie can commit is simple self-examination and honesty about what both parties and their supporters are "doing to America".
You can argue that Schultz's "slut" was less naughty than Limbaugh's (which is some kind of crazy right there) while magnificently and totally missing the point that "experts" and powerful people on our airwaves and in our statehouses are calling citizens and each other "slut". And then arguing about the finer points of that. Our most influential people are all hair-splitting over slut-calling.

This is some pretty heavy cultural de-evolution. It's very frightening actually. God, I wish You People (and by that I mean anyone with "clout") would wake up. You personally are not as "bad" as most. Probably because you have so much of the values of actual journalism left rattling around your skull. If you have any influence on your Fellow Man, try to do what you can to get them to "chill" remember (or failing that, to imagine) what adults are really supposed to act like.
It's been fun, O_o
Thanks for the informative posts on mining issues. Time for me to drag my slutty mixed-up Independent hee-haw knuckles outta here.
God only knows what I'll do if a recall actually happens. Walker sux, but so do the Dem candidates. I was afraid that would be how it would go. Worst case scenario, here were come.

Wisconsin, I hardly knew ye....

Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite paragraph:

"For example, people who go to work for the DNR's land, waste, and water bureaus tend to be anti-development, anti-transportation, and pro-garter snakes, karner blue butterflies, etc...This is in their nature; their make-up and DNA. So, since they're unelected bureaucrats who have only their cubicle walls to bounce ideas off of, they tend to come up with some pretty outrageous stuff that those of us in the real world have to contend with."

CJ said...

Stewie, (Part One), I've missed you and your writing.

Anonymous said...

Stewie, Annie, et al,
I can't say I've missed your rambling comments, especially when you go all false equivalency on us. You clearly have a lot to say; seriously, why don't you just start your own blog?
Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

Paul Trotter said...

Walker picked a fight and now the gloves are off- too bad he won't have a ring to box in.

Anonymous said...

Last poll I checked Part one- independents were vastly in favor of a recall. So there ya go..

But if you don't have a home- that's ok- just vote the person who will you think will do the least amount of harm.