Friday, September 16, 2011

Walker's Cancellation Of Madison-Milwaukee Amtrak Looms Larger Now

Because Frontier Airlines announced the end of the only scheduled airline service between the state's two largest cities - - and Amtrak has a Mitchell airport stop, which is importat for the rest of the story.

All of which means Wisconsinites in Madison - - and Frontier put Green Bay in the same no-fly category, too - - will book themselves on continuing flights out of Chicago, which does not help Mitchel's numbers and vendors.

And to the railophobe readers - - save your venom for another day. Yes, I know you can take the Badger Bus to the Milwaukee airport from Madison.

Just ask yourselves why your allegedly pro-choices, pro-development Governor is offering Wisconsinites fewer transportation options, cutting paying customers to Mitchell and contributing to the bypassing of Milwaukee?


John Casper said...

Thank you for reminding readers about this critical issue.

Brad said...

But. But. But. You should drive your car! Thats what WI is all about, driving.

Honestly, I think both MSN and MKE should be shuttered and replaced with high speed rail terminals/parking garages that whisk you off to ORD or MSP. But. We all know thats not going to happen. Trains are scary.