Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Empty Vessel Bachmann: 'I don't Know Anything About The Stuff I Say Out Loud'

In the wake of her live television blather about a safe vaccine leading to mental retardation, Michele Bachmann creates a campaign slogan and a persona:

"Vote For Me, I'm An Empty Vessel"

They have no content, but make the loudest sound.

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Betsey said...

SO . . . MANY. . . . QUESTIONS!

1. How far right do you have to be to make Rick Perry look like a liberal?

2. Is she trying to channel Sarah Palin in those glasses? (yea, I know they're actually safety goggles)

3. Is Waterloo (IA) perhaps her Waterloo?

BTW: I watched the PBS broadcast last evening about San Franciso Bay and learned that in the 1800s, the Russians and Japanese routinely fished (and overfished, eventually) the northern west coast well into (what would become) U.S. territorial waters. I hadn't known that or at least had forgotten it if I had. Since I have a liberal mind, which I define to mean an open mind, or a mind that continually adapts to new facts and new opinions as they may make sense, I said to my TV-watching companion that perhaps we'd we'd misheard Sarah Palin and discredited unfairly: instead of saying she could see Russia from her house, she'd said she could see RUSSIANS from her house.

See how that works? Now Bachmann has made Sarah Palin seem like an elderly statesman.