Saturday, September 17, 2011

Federal Warning About Northern Wisconsin Mining Reviews Makes The Journal Sentinel

Broad coverage and awareness of this vital environmental issue is needed, as pro-WMC FitzWalkerStan hot-heads in the legislature seemed likely to run off and do something dumb and counter-productive to get a 20-mile strip mine underway with little regard for Northern Wisconsin and the Lake Superior watershed.

Dumb, as in, dumb, again. (See: Voter ID law, abandonment of legislative rule-making reviews, concealed carry permissions, collective bargaining wipe out, Medicare restrictions, unemployment comp delays, phosphorus-rule suspension, etc., et al, ad infinitude, ad museum.)

The federal warning has been around since August, with little publicity.

I first wrote about it and posted a link to the warning letter on September 2.

Again on 9/18, so let's keep it going.

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John Casper said...

Thanks very much for staying on this. ICYMI @saraschulzshow did a very nice segment on it.