Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walker Could Earn An Emmy Nod, But In What Category?



It could even be "Musicals," considering the spin and tap-dancing opportunities, according to this Cap Times report:

Gov. Scott Walker will be featured as part of a bipartisan slate of governors during a panel discussion of The State of Education during NBC News' 2011 "Education Nation" Summit on Monday, Sept. 26...
In a press release sent from the governor's office Tuesday, Walker says "I believe we have a great story to tell about our reforms and our bipartisan collaborations to further improve our schools. ... Improving education is a key to ensuring we have a talented workforce that will grow and attract jobs."
The Walker people inexplicably sacrificed their shot at a nomination in a "Series" category because their news release about the NBC appearance did not contain the phrases "open for business," "250,000 jobs,"  "we gave them the tools," or "no information."

And there is this little problem:


CJ said...

Definitely not comedy. Maybe drama. I think "disaster film" would be most appropriate.

Anonymous said...