Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Along With Rail And Wind Projects, Walker Sends Wisconsin Job-Seekers, To Illinois Too

Gov. Walker is our Outsourcer-In-Chief. Earlier data, here.


morninmist said...

It is a Win Win for Walker.

He gets rid of those lazy unemployed and improves his stats.

He might even claim he created those jobs out of state.

Anonymous said...

You hatred for Walker is blinding you. Many people, like me live in Wisconsin and work in Illinois. I still pay Wisconsin taxes. I would like to know the job opportunties that are around my area, even if some are in another state.

Walker is not stating that he created those jobs, he is providing a listing of jobs available to Wisconsites that happen to be in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa or Michigan

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually, the real reason is that every one of the states that border us that's not named Illinois is beating us in job creation over the last 2 months (Illinois is merely losing jobs as fast as we are).

However, if we aspire to be like Walker's idol Mitch Daniels in Indiana, Walker would claim that those jobs found in other states off of the state's website would count as Wisconsin "job creation." And we could also work on losing 21,600 jobs in 12 months, just like ol' Mitch has in the Hoosier State. Winning!