Monday, September 26, 2011

Fitzgeralds, Worried About Student Votes, Schedule Hearing Out Of Ethics Concern

The Legislature's Leading Fitzgerald brothers, nervous that student ID's may become valid as Voter ID's through some trick with official stickers engineered by the non-partisan, judge/schemers who make up the Government Accountability Board, have scheduled a legislative hearing to look into this clearly unacceptable possibility.

It may be that to vote in Wisconsin next year, college students must bring to the polls the 'free' (read: $28 state ID), and:

Color photos of at least three of the following - - Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Glenn Beck and Robert Welch, Jr.; a copy of Atlas Shrugged, (hardbound preferred, and printed in the USA), or, alternately, Surviving The Coming Crash With Rental Real Estate and $5,000 Gold; a copy of their high school diploma, at least one hall pass from junior high school, a copy of their elementary school class photo, and, of course, their birth certificate - - certified, notarized, bronzed - - and make sure it's the one with the footprint.


Reagan's Disciple said...

nah.... no need to be that difficult.

Just have them bring proof that they live in there college town permanently (dorm housing is not always sufficient under WI law Wisconsin Statutes 6.10(4) - Elector Residence)

By law they also need to change their DL, vehicle registration, insurance etc...

As long as they understand all of the rules, residency obligations and tax ramifications of registering at a college/university, let them vote.

If not, they'll have to vote in their home district or state.

Reagan's Disciple said...

edit... "their"

Man MKE said...

> Just have them bring proof that they live in there college town permanently ....

Which would be illegal. No other prospective voter or citizen resident needs to prove permanent residency. Americans move all the time -- to the apartment next door or a new job out of state. Preventing students from voting because they might go home for the summer or transfer to another college someday is ludicrous and can only be construed as an attempt to suppress their votes.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@Man Mke,


Did you even read the WI Statute that I referenced? It could not be laid out much clearer, so surely you can comprehend it.

Here it is...

The residence of an unmarried person sleeping in one ward and boarding in another is the place where the person sleeps. The residence of an unmarried person in a transient vocation, a teacher or a student who boards at different places for part of the week, month, or year, if one of the places is the residence of the person's parents, is the place of the parents' residence unless through registration or similar act the person elects to establish a residence elsewhere.

The statute is what it is. A student's residency in most cases remains at his/her parents address unless the student has become a permanent resident of their new ward which would trigger requirements to change Driver License, Insurance, Registration etc... They are not required to be changed in order to vote, but they are a requirement of legally changing residency in WI.

Also, if they change residency their parents can most likely no longer claim them as a dependent for their own tax purposes either (Im sure the IL, MN and out of state parents would love that!)

So, for most cases of kids going to school and returning home for summer, spring or winter breaks, their residency remains at their parent's home until which time they officially change residency. If they choose to change residency at a "get out the vote, voting day or election day," that will trigger multiple other responsibilities which they and their parents must adhere to.

You may call it ludicrous, but it is the law in WI and has been for some time.

Ignorance is not an excuse to break the law and vote illegally, so perhaps people should work on getting this information out to the state public and private colleges.