Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TMJ Talker Jeff Wagner Blasts AP Over Anti-Walker "Agenda." Look Who's Talking

Jeff Wagner signed off his program today on AM620 WTMJ radio accusing the Associated Press of harboring "an agenda," and "Walker derangement syndrome," along with other journalistic sins over this story.

I know that Wagner knows better.

But does he know how foolish he sounds claiming on his show, on that station, following and tag-teaming with the openly-partisan Charlie Sykes, that someone out there has an agenda?

As Wagner kept saying: "Give me a break."

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Wager's point on TJMS was to point out the new Wisconsin voter ID law is basically a poll tax. Especially when you have the DMV director providing written
instructions not to inform tax paying citizens that the ID can be obtained for free...