Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can Scott Walker Avoid The John Doe Probe During His Monday NBC Appearance?

It's common for newsmakers to field questions they may consider off-topic from reporters.

Call it an occupational hazard of elected office, or celebrity.

You see it in interviews all the time, and a prepared public figure would even expect it:

"Senator," or "Mayor" or whomever..."since you're here, can I also ask you about..."

It establishes a record and news can result.

So aren't NBC's Brian Williams and Kate Snow obligated to ask Gov. Scott Walker during Monday's NBC education segment about the Wisconsin John Doe probe?

I think Walker is the only Governor right now with a spokesman immunized before a John Doe, a former top aide the recent object of an FBI residential raid, and a contributor convicted in Federal Court for illegal campaign contributions.

Bit of an update.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

At the very least, they should bring up Walker and WisGOP's contributions from the school voucher crowd and convicted criminal Scooter Jensen. And they should bring up the Milwaukee voucher school that refused to pay its teachers and ask about the lack of accountability for those taxpayer-funded schools.

Will they? I'm not betting on it.

enoughalready said...

Congrats Brewers! Now, back to Scott Walker. Interesting timing for his DNR announcement, wasn't it? On a Friday afternoon, almost as though it was designed specifically to deflect attention from the headline that caught my eye: "Spokesman for Walker granted immunity in probe."

Anonymous said...

might want to change that to "prepared public figure", though I can't say you got it wrong!