Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Compared Worldwide, Milwaukee, Madison Air Relatively Clean, But...

There are new international air quality data bases on the web. You can download them here. (Go to "Urban outdoor air pollution database, by country and city," top right, for two separate tables of comparisons.)

Little surprise that cities in newly-industrialized India, for example, or less-developed countrues with inefficient vehicle exhaust systems and smokestacks have less healthy air.

Let's just say we're way better on an air quality scale than Ulan Bator, far better than Paris, somewhat better than Pittsburgh and Houston, but we don't do as well as other US cities with industry such as Philadelphia, Albuquerque, Dallas, Denver, or New Orleans, for example.

And yes, I know some of our pollution comes from Chicago, where the air is dirtier than ours, but let's own our situation.

So - - room for improvement.

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Anonymous said...

Milwaukee air still gets an F!