Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walker - - "No Information" About The John Doe, "No Knowledge" Of Student Campaign Violations Back In The Day, Either

Nothing new under the sun, or the child is the father to the man, or same old, same old, or stay on message: pick yer cliche:

A John Doe probe unfolds - - [major update, here] - -  and Scott Walker tells the AP he knows nothing of it:

"We don't know what exactly is involved," Walker said Friday when asked about the raid after a public event at Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport. "As far as what I know is what I've been reading in the press. I don't have any more information beyond that."
Has a familiar ring to it.

Remember his early campaign for Student Government President at Marquette, a campaign that ended in allegations of dirty pool?

Marquette's student paper, the Tribune reprised the story last year - - picked up by the establishment publication National Journal - - and make sure you read to the part below from the student paper where Walker said at the time (1988) that he had "no knowledge" of questionable actions his supporters had committed:
He was accused of violating campaign guidelines on multiple occasions.

The Tribune reported then that he was found guilty of illegal campaigning two weeks before his candidacy became official. Later, a Walker campaign worker was seen placing brochures under doors at the YMCA. Door-to-door campaigning was strictly prohibited.

Walker initially denied this but later admitted to the violation, which resulted in lost campaign privileges at the YMCA.

In the run-up to election day, the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Walker’s opponent John Quigley, but said either candidate had the potential to serve effectively.

However, the Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency.”
The column cited Walker’s distribution of a mudslinging brochure about Quigley that featured statements such as “constantly shouting about fighting the administration” and “trying to lead several ineffective protests of his own.”

The revision also expressed disappointment in Walker’s campaign workers reportedly throwing away issues of the Tribune after the endorsement was initially made.

Walker dismissed this, saying he had no knowledge of what his supporters did, according to a Tribune article from February 25, 1988.
He moved from denial to spin to finger-pointing then and further finger-pointing 18 years later, aiming at his then gubernatorial opponent, Tom Barrett:
In a Tribune article dated April 25, 2002, Walker recalled the election, saying he regretted the approach he took to campaigning.

“I didn’t achieve office because I focused on personalities and egos,” Walker said in the article.

He also blamed Quigley for the negative path the race took, saying he made the election into a partisan one.

Walker has said Barrett is responsible for the negative direction the current gubernatorial race has taken, using attack ads to compensate for his trailing position in polls.
 So there's the blueprint for his problems today.

Stay tuned.

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