Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday, Milwaukee Riverwalk

A real urban success story.

Still growing, and improvements are needed, but all in all, what a plus for the city.


Brad said...

I seriously hope that you are being ironic here. The riverwalk, as it were, is pointless. You've got two teeny areas of activity and the rest of it, meh.

Much like the 3rd Ward or other projects around town, including the upcoming monorail, its done half way at best.

Yes, its lovely to walk along. I use it daily. However, I'm often the only person on it. You can't have something like that be successful without things along it that are morning/noon/night focused. All that we've got now is bars.

James Rowen said...

It has opened up the river, spurred development and continues to expand. It's a process.

If you think the Third ward is done half way at best, you must not remember what was there 20 years ago, or are unfamiliar with how development really works.

And the monorail? I suppose that's your irony.