Friday, September 16, 2011

Confidence-Builder Up North? - - "Responsible Mining" Endorsed

The Ashland County Board endorses "responsible mining."

That's how you protect the Lake Superior watershed?

Isn't responsible [open pit, for 20 miles, on pristine land] mining a little like "clean coal" or "low-tar cigarettes" or "low-fat potato chips?"

And as the State Legislature gets set to again take up fast-tracked permitting by a DNR deliberately turned pro-business by Scott Walker, is anyone reading the US Army Corps of Engineers warning against short-cutting state mining reviews?

Remember that Walker said he wanted someone running the DNR with "a chamber of commerce mentality."

How's about instead some responsible oversight, responsible policy-making, responsible stewardship, etc?


John Casper said...

compassionate waterboarding

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that those responsible for raping the environment will make their victim whole again?