Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dishonesty Is The Opposite Of Governance; Walker Is Forcing His Recall

Still broke and $3 billion in debt? Really?

Below is today's "Pants On Fire" finding, but you can find the seeds of this behavior - - "But for Walker, a questionable campaigning strategy is apparently nothing new" - - as far back as 1988.

Today's PolitiFact blockbuster:

The Truth-O-Meter Says:
"Wisconsin is broke," and "state government is $3 billion in debt."
Scott Walker on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 in a fund-raising letter

Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin is broke and $3 billion in debt

The statements are false and ridiculous. Pants on Fire.
And here is a link to Walker's full, bizarre, falsehood-replete record

The system doesn't work with dishonesty as a management style, and his pattern is undeniable - - 23 of 34 statements analyzed have "false" or worse in the PolitiFact finding:

Walker's statements by ruling


Reagan's Disciple said...

So there is an agreement among the left the Walker DID solve the states budget crisis that was left to him by Doyle?

I thought that the union line on Walker's BRB was that it did not solve the budget shortfall?

James Rowen said...

No. The complaint was that the bill was a subterfuge to get the unions. And Doyle inherited a deficit, too.

CJ said...

So, Reagan's Disciple-

Did Walker balance the budget or not?

Anonymous said...

i know you think the one time he told the truth was when he was forced to, because he was under oath before congress. but it seems even then he indicated that he did not anticipate the provisions in act 10 would be considered a big surprise. if so, that, of course, would be directly contradicted by the statement to the prank caller about "dropping the bomb."

James Rowen said...

To Anon: Yes. I put up the video of his Congressional embarrassment:

enoughalready said...

Maybe instead of a ham sandwhich for lunch every day the governor should have a Whopper.

(Or did somebody else already say that?)