Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belling or Roenicke? Who's The Baseball Expert, And Who Has The Thin Skin?

1130 WISN-AM's grumpy late afternoon talker Mark Belling spent much of his 5-6:00 p.m. segment Wednesday reprising what he said was one of his worst sports-related moments, ever.

Turns out he had a bad night at a sports bar (unnamed) after the Brewers Tuesday night win over the Pirates.

Seems his drinking buddy (unnamed) kept undermining Belling's worrying as the Dodgers blew a late-inning lead to Arizona (this prevented Milwaukee from clinching home-field advantage) to the point that, as Belling told the audience numerous times today "I nearly killed someone" last night.

Belling said he got so upset with his buddy's jinxing the outcome that he stormed out of the bar, leaving $45 change from a $50 bill for his final beer order on the counter.

Today, that anger morphed into anxiety, as Belling sees Arizona as an unstoppable juggernaut and worries Milwaukee might end up playing them in the playoffs.

Belling then went on to second-guess the Brewers skipper Ron Roenicke for how he's setting up his pitching tonight (Zach Greinke on three days rest) to save Yovani Gallardo for game one of the playoffs.

Belling predicted other Roenicke moves tonight with the line-up, such as resting starters, would backfire and cost the Brewers dearly in the unfolding playoffs.

Apparently, Roenicke does not understand what Belling says is clear: that this is the most important game of the season, and Belling urged the team's General Manager Doug Melvin to call Roenicke and tell him to manage the game differently.

[Update: Greinke's line tonight: 6 innings, five hits, four strikeouts, one walk, one earned run.] 

We'll see by the end of the game which of these baseball savants knows his stuff.

[Further update: Final Score - - Brewers 7, Pirates 3/Roenicke 96, Belling 0.]

Belling began his program swearing he never reads any negative commentary about his show, even in an email, so there's no chance he'll see this or any comments.

But what thin skin for a guy who makes his living ripping other people.

I note that Roenicke takes questions at a news conference after every game, win or lose, and his handling of second-guessing is more or less second-nature.


xoff said...

Roenicke had a better year than Belling.

Paul Trotter said...

Belling's ratings are going down because of the new Arbitron system of rating. People can't lie anymore about who they listen to.

James Rowen said...

Season record: Roenicke 96, Belling 0.

Anonymous said...

His image of himself is extremely distorted.

Anonymous said...

For him to think that he has any influence over the Brewers management is so ridiculous.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ anon

When did Belling claim he had influence over the Brewer's management?

Did I miss that part of the story?

Anonymous said...

REAGAN: Is a remedial course in making inferences in order?

Reagan's Disciple said...

No... but please show me where or how he inferred that he held influence over Brewers management in any way.

In fact, when I heard him talk about this(See, I actually listened to the segment first hand), he was only offering his opinion on Brewers and Roenicke's managerial decisions since the Brewers clinched their division.

Never once did Belling infer that he held influence as the comment For him to think that he has any influence over the..." tried to lead someone to believe.

It was simply his own opinion, which after all is what his show is about. To put this more in perspective, does Belling infer that he has influence over President Obama when he talks about national issues, the economy etc...? Didn't think so.