Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Robin Vos Has An Idea (!): Recall Recalling From The Wisconsin Constitution

Blatant gerrymandering to protect Republican legislators wasn't enough taxpayer self-servicing for the Assembly co-chairman of Joint Finance: Rep. Robin Vos, (R-Burlington) now wants a constitutional amendment to obstruct the people's right to recall legislators.

This dovetails with Republican legislators this year running fake candidates, getting rid of their votes, analysis and hearings on administrative rules, eliminating most collective bargaining for public employees and putting roadblocks in front of voter registration, election-day balloting and absentee voting through restrictions made law by the Voter Suppression (and ID) Law.

And national plans to further monkey with state voting laws, and the Electoral College, for partisan advantage.

In fact, why don't Wisconsin Republicans go all the way, and amend the State Constitution to outlaw the Democratic Party, (a/k/a, in GOP-speak the "Democrat Party"), make the GOP our official state party?

We already have a state flower, dirt, bird, animal and rock, so why don't the neo-Putinst Fitzgeralds and Scott Walker own up to their real agenda?

Use the law and the Constitution, Soviet-style, and rid Wisconsin of all this troublesome democratic process, fair competition for votes, pesky public participation, historical tradition and open policy-making procedures?

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