Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gov. Eagle Scout (Walker) May Tilt Recall Process Towards His Own Survival

A compliant legislature is offering Scott Walker the chance to take more control of the state's recall machinery just as the process is about to be aimed squarely his way.

The move would allow Walker to halt a policy developed by nonpartisan election officials that, at least in theory, could make it easier for groups to gather signatures to recall the governor, as well as legislators from either party.

"You have given the governor control of the chicken coop, so to say," Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) told Republicans...
Under the changes Republicans are considering, Walker would also get to decide whether universities can put stickers on their identification cards that would make them so they could be used for voting.
Whether Walker grabs these powers from the Government Accountability Board - - and what a conflict-of-interest that would be - - will be the first test of his core values since he asked the public's indulgence on ethical matters, citing his upbringing in a pastor's home and attainment of Eagle Scout rank.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like passing the buck. "Here- Scooter, dig your own grave. We're sick of this mess."


"Here Scott. You decide who votes."

nonquixote said...

An official inspection of that merit badge sash likely has a badge for successfully completing the, "CBC," Counterfeit Badge Creation, requirement.

The most rebellious and defiant children and young adults in my neighborhood were the sons and daughters of the local clergy. Just saying, they thought they could get away with just about anything and were entirely above suspicion.