Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awful Development: Millions In Socialist Government Funds Polluting Wisconsin

ObamaDollars are being shipped to Wisconsin to take away pregnant women's freedom to smoke.

Tobacco is a legal product. The corporations that sell cigarettes are just people under Citizens United who are trying to create jobs and express their free speech in the marketplace.

And plenty of smokers live long lives, so, as with climate change, the science isn't definitive on this. I just read the other day that Drs. Marlboro, Chesterfield and Virginia Slim are still looking at the relationship between smokers' health and lima beans.

Why are Wisconsin state's rights, and citizens; rights to choose, being subjected to this Big Government chokehold - - with the encouragement of Sue Ann Thompson, wife of the probable Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson?


Paul Trotter said...

And Smith hasn't balked? The gall of it all!

Anonymous said...

So this must be better money than the other funds Smith turned down?

Anonymous said...

The horror of it all! Shame on Smith!