Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Walker's Creation Of DNR, Inc. Waiting Until After The Budget?

Walker's remake of the DNR into a business promotion arm to better serve our job creators is still pending - - last month's roll-out never happened - - what with a controversial budget, and that stalled 'budget repair bill' headed either to the State Supreme Court or the budget process as a mere amendment, and then the State Senate recalls occupying Republicans.

Here's how the plan was outlined in a memo that leaked out of the DNR.

And why it's a bad idea.

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Anonymous said...

New at the DNR. The agency has contracted with Deer Oaks for it's Employee Assistance program. We can now dial a toll free number anytime of the day or night and be connected with a conselor in San Antionio Texas. Not only that but the DNR has contracted for 5 sessions for each of us. Shades of the movie "Up in the Air" because the state of North Carolina contracted with this same firm prior to layoffs. I can't wait to sneak into Secretary Stepp's office, dial the toll free number and tell the conselor that I am hearing voices. It isn't the voices that bother me but what they are saying: "Recall"