Saturday, June 18, 2011

WMC Vice-President Says WI Workers Prefer Unemployment Benefits To Hiring

So says the NY Times today.

Really, WMC Vice-President James Buchen?

A U.C. check, often a small sum, instead of a regular paycheck?

Besides Arizona, two other states have not yet made the one-word change required to continue receiving the money. In Wisconsin, for example, the advisory council that refers bills on unemployment insurance to the state legislature has not even taken up the issue. The council comprises representatives from business and labor; the labor side has been too busy fighting back attacks on public unions.
“The management side is not inclined to approve this anyway absent concessions on their part,” said James Buchen, the lead management representative on the council. “The real question is whether there is still a need for extended benefits. We are increasingly hearing from people that they are having trouble hiring workers who are on unemployment because they want to wait until their benefits are exhausted.”

I'd like to see that claim vetted.


Anonymous said...

How many of these jobs James Buchen is talking about are minimum wage, no benefits, temporary work?

Boxer said...

So, in addition to the state being a "tax hell", why else would companies want to relocate here? To take advantage of the state' lazy-ass, unemployment-sucking, demonstrating, union thug work force? Or perhaps to enjoy having your leg shot while camping or walking through a city or state park? How about drinking the brown cow juice burbling out of your private well? Or having your municiple services cut? How about enrolling your kids in schools with classes of 30 or more?
Yes, Mr Buchen, roll out that welcome-to-Wisconsin mat! Or maybe you don't really want other businesses to come here who might compete with existing Wis Mfgrs and Commerce business members. Maybe the business "reforms" (i.e. deregulation) are all about making things a lot easier for you and your corporate thugs to pad your wallets while sticking it to the common man.