Friday, June 17, 2011

Wisconsin Capitol Access And Situational Legal Compliance

What a coincidence: The Walker administration will resume a fully-open State Capitol just after  the Walker budget is set to be approved and signed.

Never mind that a Dane County Circuit Judge said weeks ago that the Capitol weeks ago that to be opened.  But the Department of Administration dragged its feet and hemmed and hawed, and, without being cited for contempt, is now ready to meet the judge's intent once the main reason for people to come into the building - - witnessing government debate the spending of $66 billion of their money - - will have come and gone.

At one time, the GOP was the party of Law and Order, but we are seeing with its disrespect for the Open Meetings statute, and elections free of fake candidates, Republicans now routinely skirt and bend the law when it fits a political agenda.


gnarlytrombone said...

Not a problem if SCOWI's gotcher back. I wonder how many circuit court judges will dare risk their careers now.

Anonymous said...

SCOWL all you want, we're not scared.

Anonymous said...

Let's have some real Republicans in their own primary. What did happen to the GOP?

I think it's still there and the head just got hijacked.