Monday, June 20, 2011

Milwaukee's Monday Flooding No Surprise, But Walker To Cut State Flood Control Aid

Milwaukee has aging sewage and flood control infrastructure.

It needs upgrades.

The Walker budget reduces state aid for these projects, and puts limits on local spending.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District - - a regional agency with treatment facilities in the city - - says flood management efforts overall will have to be cut. Big-time.

The city's east side and Shorewood got hit hard Monday.

Anyone see a problem, let alone a contradiction there?


Reagan's Disciple said...

Or.... How about you fix your sewer problems instead of throwing the blame yet again on someone else.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you lefty idiots wasted the last 30 years and blew billions on the useless Deep Tunnel instead of actually addressing the actual issues.

Talk about your "inconvenient truth".

Anonymous said...

Reagan, I think that is the point and sewer-fixin' costs money...

Anonymous @ 2:06, I was unaware that the "leftys" had unilaterally made all financial decisions for the past 30 years... Are you suggesting that east side of Milwaukee is 100% "leftys" or are you suggesting it is only "leftys" who dislike being flooded with sewage?

Anonymous said...

Thx Anon 2:30 for proving my point and please add clueless to idiot moniker.

Who exactly do you think has been running Milwaukee and the MMSD for the last 30 years plus?

The billions blown on the Deep Tunnel could have been used to fix the sewer system.

Got it now?

Anon 2:06 aka AJ

James Rowen said...

As far back as 1971, SEWRPC also recommended combining the sewers to make sure stormwater runoff was also cleaned.

Pointing a finger at Milwaukee only here is inaccurate and accomplishes nothing that isn't more partisan bs.

Ron R said...

So when Waukesha has water problems, they are suppose to deal with it themselves. But, when Milwaukee has sewer issues the whole state is suppose to solve it for them. If they don't it is the govenor's fault! I get your logic now! NOT!!!

James Rowen said...

To Ron R. Waukesha has been receiving federal grants for years to defray its water costs.

You must have missed stories like this one.

James Rowen said...

Ro Ron R. Or this one, where between $25-50 million could come Waukesha's way from the feds.

You should follow this more closely.

James Rowen said...

Ron R - - You missed this accounting of Waukesha's federal funding efforts:


James Rowen said...

In fact, Waukesha is asking the DNR, and a local supplying city, and an eight-state, two-Canadian province to solve its water problem, with federal funding.

James Rowen said...

We could do this all night long, Ron - -

Anonymous said...

Rowen - are seriously claiming the issue of Milwaukee's combined sewers dates only from 1971?

Doesn't this issue really go back like almost a century and when during that time didn't either Dems or Socialists (same thing) control Milwaukee?

And interesting that SEWER-PAC's biggest critic, you, is now pointing to them as some kind of all-knowing authority.


James Rowen said...

I am just stating the record.

Ron R said...

James, Like usual, you ignore what was my main point. You blame the state( ie Walker) for not solving MIlwaukee's sewer problems for them, yet state in your many long winded and self-blog linked posts that Waukesha should solve its own water problems. I was just pointing out the usual inconsistancy of your opinions. Milwaukee should be given special treatment but others communities should, well, go pound sand.