Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gun Issues, and Bullets, In The Air

Within 15 minutes this morning, The Journal Sentinel posted these items on its News Watch:

The Wisconsin Assembly is about to approve the carrying of concealed weapons...

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee... 

And at a state campground...

Cease fire!


gnarlytrombone said...

Rep. Michelle Litjens, grabbing her blackberry seconds after shooting down an amendment banning guns in abuse shelters:

How do we really protect those in abuse shelters? Take every woman to a shooting range and post those inside are trained and armed.

Beyond parody.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rep. Litjens,

A gun helps you maim or kill the person who just maimed you.

There is an interesting nuance you may not have considered: a gun also helps you maim or kill the person who did not just maim you.

Please also consider that a gun does not resucitate you if you have already been killed by another gun.