Monday, June 20, 2011

More Irony; The Governor Who "Dropped The Bomb" Doesn't Want Any Surprises In The Budget

No surprises allowed, he said, as he combs through the budget looking for line-item veto opportunities.

I guess Walker is the only one who gets to surprise everyone.

Remember what he told the fake David Koch:

"Came home from the Super Bowl...had all of my cabinet was kind of the last hurrah before we dropped the bomb."


Anonymous said...

new blog on this topic:

Anonymous said...

that quote to the fake koch is so contrary to what he told congress about not expecting people to be surprised that he could be roger clemens cell mate in the "lying to congress" section of federal prison.

Anonymous said...

today walker also said that he never spoke of state employes in such a way as to be polarizing. what did he consider it when he called them the "haves?"

Paul Trotter said...

Doesn't want any surprises? So has he been oblivious to senate and assembly proceedings the last week or so? Wait- didn't he write the budget? Maybe not.