Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch Gableman Explain What The Prosser Election Was All About

Of course, he lined up against workers and with Prosser today, but this was telegraphed when Gableman was out on the stump for Prosser during the election.

Fodder for the recall effort.


Anonymous said...


I am a worker in Wisconsin and I support Walker and the budget repair bill! You support Government UNION employees, big difference. Dont you have a tree to hug?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You got that right about the recall on Gableman. We'll just include him with Scotty and D-B Van Hollen.

Anonymous said...

Jake: Good luck with those. Wisconsin is speaking, you just aren't listening. Prosser won re-election. Gableman ran against an incumbent and won. Look at the amount of protesters that showed up yesterday? 2000 maybe? That's right, school was out.

Anonymous said...

Walker lying about his intentions for public office in order to get to public office and start ripping things apart doesn't really say "will of the people."