Saturday, June 25, 2011

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley Says Justice Prosser Choked Her

Dueling statements and accounts, so I guess it's everyone under oath now.

And I reiterate that as a state, we are collectively, officially and seriously in crisis.

Who sorts this all out: this is the Supreme Court we're talking about.


A.K. said...

Thank God. Okay now this is gonna be no end of ugly.
Justice Bradley's life will never be the same. But as a female who has been in a nasty he said/she said that made it to the newspaper, I was aghast at the way this was handled up till now. I could not fathom how the Court was going the route of "we have to work together" and possibly sweeping it under the rug.
Every woman who thinks about standing up for herself...what is the message if the female Supreme Court Justices do not also stand up when their time comes.
No one asks for this.
But once you're in it, you'd better (there's no better expression ironically) Man Up and lean into the storm.
If she didn't it would be a powerful message of fear, excuse-making, and compliance to every female out there. Women with much less status and resources than she has, Under-age girls who are scared and upset with little or no support, are all watching and will take away a message

If she felt his hands round her neck, she has to yell it loud from the rooftops. No matter what.
And yes crisis indeed.
It's too bad that bloggers et al get us used to all the inflated language. When a crisis really comes, you just have the quiet guy standing in the corner speaking in apparent understatement.

It's like those old cartoons, where some character has been running so fast they run off the cliff and keep going, running on air. Held up by their own false belief, until they realize..

Anonymous said...

A.K., you would do better to include all victims of domestic violence. You isolate yourself by assuming only women can be battered.