Sunday, June 26, 2011

Walker Telegraphed Budget Vetoes, So Supreme Court Assault Allegations Will Lead The News

Walker's budget vetoes are certainly important - - and that he signed the budget at a Green Bay firm from which the public was barred speaks volumes about his isolation from voters- - but many of his line-item deletions were announced in advance, so their news value is reduced.

Look next week instead for more attention paid to the conflicting accounts of a physical confrontation in State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's office apparently witnessed by six Justices.

They were discussing whether to affirm Gov. Walker's controversial bill (they did, 4-3) that virtually ended collective bargaining for public employees and weakened their unions.
Either  conservative Justice David Prosser put liberal Bradley in a choke hold - - as she claims and Prosser denies - - or Prosser raised his hands to ward off a charging Bradley and she ran into his hands, as unnamed witnesses claim.

Prosser supported the Walker bill, Walsh did not, and there is a history of tension between Prosser, and two liberal female Justices - - Bradley and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

 Prosser had earlier called Abrahamson "a total bitch" and said both women bullied him.

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