Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Same Old Story - - The Suburbs Will Clamor For Transit

The grayer these communities become, the more amenities needed for oldsters - - like better transit and real connections to transit service in the bigger cities nearby.

As The Washington Post reports:

According to the AARP, nine in 10 older Americans want to stay in their homes as they age, a figure the association predicts that the boomers will match. Not all communities are prepared.

“AARP research shows that most communities are behind in planning for their aging populations, but those that are adapting have come up with common-sense solutions to improve home design and make transportation easier,” said Nancy LeaMond, the AARP vice president, in a written statement.

New Berlin, Waukesha, Pabst Farms, and to the north into Ozaukee and Washington Counties, get ready to welcome buses and light rail, unless you want to drive your retired Moms and Dads to every appointment.

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