Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If Fake Recall Ploy Fails, GOP Considers Plan "B" - - Make Recalls Harder

They've made voting harder with their discriminatory Wisconsin Voter ID (read: Suppression) bill.

They're openly, shamelessly running Republicans as fake Democrats in recall elections tripped off by their own party's arrogant dictatorial methods - - a reprehensible, democracy-shredding tactic designed to confuse voters, drag out the process and add fund-raising time to the calender.

They benefit from corporate advocacy groups with millions to spend, and will have huge sums to spend defending their recalled Senate members.

Now Wisconsin Republicans are thinking about making recall elections harder to trigger.

Wisconsin law already has a high bar - - the process can't start until a year after an office-holder's election, thus saving Walker from the definite recall that would have kicked in after he "dropped the bomb" on state workers if the threshold had been, say, six months, or three.

Is there any edge of the electoral playing field these people will not tilt to their advantage?


Reagan's Disciple said...

Wisconsin law already has a high bar - - the process can't start until a year after an office-holder's election, thus saving Walker from the definite recall that would have kicked in if the threshold had been, say, six months, or three.

Utter nonsense! WI has a very low bar for recalls. In fact there are only about 18-20 states that actually allow recalls of their Governors.

Don't like it? Get out and vote. Make sure to bring your photo ID!

James Rowen said...

Recalls are rare in WI, as you know. Interesting that Republicans would want to make them even more rare. Wonder why?

James Rowen said...

Also - - photo ID is not required in the recall elections.

enoughalready said...

I would like to see collective bargaining rights for public employees put to a referendum question. Let's see just how much popular support the GOP enjoys on this issue.

Reagan's Disciple said...


You really don't want to do that. However, the results may bring some public employees back into the real world.

Paul Trotter said...

REAGAN: your "humor" about needing an ID to vote reflects the right's willingness to do anything to suppress votes. It's not funny. It's low.

Anonymous said...

I have done more to support unions this year than most union members I know - probably actually more involved than many of these bloggers.

FACT: The public has no reason to support collective bargaining because private sector unions have left the rest of America behind.

FACT: Public sector unions will never have support of taxpayers when REAL unemployment is more than 16 percent and the percent of private-sector employees is virtually nil.

FACT: Unions have some culpability here - labor history in Wisconsin is full of racism, cronyism, and an attitude of "screw everyone else if I get mine!"

FACT: koch/alec/walker "jumped" now because they saw polling data that clearly indicated that they could get away with this economic terrorist if they played their cards right.

Fortunately, they did not.

But now unions need to accept some responsibility for making amends with taxpayers and other working Americans.

I don't see it happening and we will lose this battle because of this.

The Wisconsin Hypothesis said...

All of these aren't really FACTs (unless the all-caps is meant to represent some sort of acronym).

For instance, it may be a fact that "private sector unions have left the rest of America behind" but I wish you would more clearly identify what you mean by "left ... behind."

"The public has no reason to support collective bargaining" is a (dubious) conclusion from an (ambiguous) FACT.

Anonymous said...

You are being disingenuous and it does not help the dialog.

Look it up yourself - you won't believe what anyone else says.

FACT: Most Americans recieve absolutely no benifit from unions - they don't have unions.

Fake grassroot bloggers, actually representing unions, are not going to be part of a solution to a problem they have created.

Unions asked for this.

And koch/alec/walker saw that polling data showed they could win.

And you are to intellectually uncurious to check out the numbers yourself, trying to make this a fake argument abotu semantics.


We need real solidarity and it doesn't resolve around you.

The Wisconsin Hypothesis said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!

It may be a fact that most Americans don't belong to a union.

It is a contentious assertion that an arbitrary American does not benefit from a union they do not belong to.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Lookie here at the anonymous concern troll, trying to make it sound like we're despondent and outfoxed. Who are you trying to kid there, son? Walker and his boys have been shown to be frauds again and again, and do you think a stupid, reversible bill is going to stop us?

You can tell from the righties reactions the last few days that there are TERRIFIED of what the voters think of them. It's why they're trying so hard to diminish and slander the progessives, becauser the tightie righties know in their hearts it isn't going to fly with real Wisconsinites.

Time to push harder. Harder than a conserva-thug assaulting a Capitol singer.

Anonymous said...

Solidarity doesn't revolve around you.

I don't know why I work to protect your rights when you have such arrogant attitudes of entitlement.

If your union is full of folks like you - it SHOULD be broken so that we can build support for the rest of working ASmericans too.

Of course, this blog won't allow this to be posted.



We will never win with your attitude


The Wisconsin Hypothesis said...

That last troll reminds me of those chain letters from the 90's.


Anonymous said...

The recalls may not even happen if the Republicans can keep alive their suit against the Democrats' paperwork on the six Republican senators.

Niess may rule against them; they'll appeal. Whoever gets the case next may rule against them -- more appeals. Right up to our State Supreme Court, which recently signaled it'll rule in favor of the Walker administration regardless of the facts or the laws on the books.

Can this happen before the recalls take place?