Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh, No! $10 Million Uh-Oh For RoJo

Talking Points Memo follows Dan Bice's exposure of Wisconsin US Sen. Ron Johnson's (Tea Party/R) financial dealings with himself.

The author, Susan Crabtree, had formerly worked at The Hill. Sorry for the initial misidentification.


Kevin said...

That's not a link to the Hill. It's a link to left-wing cranks at "Talking Points Memo," who lawyer-shopped to get quotes they want regarding the topic.

James Rowen said...

I have corrected the attribution.

Kevin's editorial remarks are his own.

Max Berger said...

In 18 years of Senator Russ Feingold's term of office, not a hint of any financial impropriety, and not 18 months into RoJo's term, big financial--and legal-- issues already.
It makes me disagree with his campaign ads even more: we need fewer plastics manufacturers in the US Senate, not fewer lawyers. Perhaps a lawyer would have at least hesitated before bending the law to his own advantage.
Of course we have Johnson's word that Pacur's board unanimously approved his deferred compensation: consisting of Me, Myself, and I (a group that suspiciously mirrors his representation demographic as well.)
I have to laugh at these rubes who campaign on their platforms of cutting taxes or reforming government and then rather quickly shut up when they get to Washington only to discover that they're bottom of the totem pole and "don't amount to a hill of beans in this world."

gnarlytrombone said...

who lawyer-shopped

I bet someone else will soon be out lawyer shopping.

Anonymous said...

"It looks like a scheme to get around a century-old law" barring corporate donations to candidates"

Doesn't Johnson own Pacur to begin with?

He basically gave himself the money, not some evil corporation trying to influence him.

Of course you Liberals are too stupid to figure that one out.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Uh, it's NOT his own money, it's his company's money, and since corporations have personhood, they're separate entities. That's the way you righties always play it with your buying of elections, right?

And giving corporate money for personal expenses (like misleading ads in a Senate candidacy) has another term: EMBEZZLEMENT. If you were unfortunate enough to be a PACUR employee, how angry would you be in knowing your boss grabbed the profits you helped create and grubbed it for his new job?

Oh wait, why are you calling it "RoJoke's" money in the first place. We all know it's his father-in-laws in the first place.

gnarlytrombone said...

He basically gave himself the money

If it was his money to begin with, he should've been paying personal income taxes on it.