Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Show Range Of "No Comment"

It's not the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

It's more like the Ugly, then the Good, Good, Good.

No plot spoilers here, but tip o' the hat to Zach at Blogging Blue, and Fox6TV.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break, he shoved a mic out of his face. I guess this proves that he put a choke hold on Bradley? If that chokehold really happened, please link the police report, because I can tell you if someone put a chokehold on me I would file a report and not just leak it to reporters two weeks after the fact

James Rowen said...

Actually, he grabbed the microphone out of the reporter's hand.

Prosser served a long time in the Legislature, and has campaigned statewide for the Court. He knows that's a no-no.

Thousands of confrontation interviews are conducted every week in WI and the world. Candidates know how to say "no comment."

What is he so angry about?

Anonymous said...

Where is Bradley's police report? Notice you did not respond to my comments.

Prosser is probably angry because all of papers are reporting that he choked Bradley, which is lie, because if it was true, why was it reported 2 weeks later to a lefty organization.

I think that to reserve the integrity of the court, Prosser, Bradley and the Chief Justice should all resign. Since there have been reported problems with all three. But I am sure the left would not be for this

James Rowen said...

Prosser outbursts behind closed doors at the Court date back to his threat to destroy the chief justice, whom he called a "total bitch."

There's history to this.