Friday, June 24, 2011

Find A Recall Campaign, Defeat A GOP Right-Winger...And The Walker Budget Blues

I know there was disappointment at the lack of massive protests during the state budget deliberations in Madison, and the content of that budget is a real political disaster, so I understand the gloom I hear about in Madison that is reflected, for example, in this piece in the Progressive magazine.

But the drop-off in protest numbers was not really surprising, given the amount of time that passed since the winter demonstrations and the fait accompli predictability of the Legislature's reactionary voting.

But there is is lively grassroots effort underway in the out-of-Madison communities where recalls are taking place.

All of them can use money and volunteers - - campaigns to unseat Luther Olson, Randy Hopper and my recalled Senator, Alberta Darling, are not that far from Madison.

Here's one link to what's going on in the recalls and how to plug in.


Anonymous said...

I have been making phone calls 2 -3 times a week since April. It's easy. Just sign up for a 2 hour shift and start dialing.

Ron R said...

The reason for the lack of protest would be that the teacher union proponents would have to protest on THEIR OWN TIME, not on the public dime like they did this winter/spring.

LINDA from Each Little World said...

I think folks in Madison have moved on to other forms of organizing, activism and protesting. We were there when our presence was necessary. But it's clear that no many how many folks march, Walker will ignore us. Makes more sense to use our time in more constructive ways. We are still planning on recalling him!

Boxer said...

Ron R, that was an ignorant remark, even for you. No one protested on the public dime. You've been served up a big dish of crap by the Fitzwalkers and you lapped up every delicious bit.