Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romney's 'Joke' Will Leave A Mark

A rich guy wisecracking in this economy about being unemployed looks to me like a clueless candidate eager to undo his campaign.

Remember that these days, a Tweet can do you in.


Anonymous said...

... so this is why certain conservatives believe unemployment has a safety hammock.

Anonymous said...

"If Mitt Romney is unemployed and doesn't need Medicaid, neither do you"

Anonymous said...

this may be his "macaca" moment.

Mitch said...

I wish someone had asked him how he made ends meet during his period of unemployment.

Has he found ways to cut grocery costs? Can he suggest inexpensive but filling recipes? Has he been doing his repairs and maintenance on his cars? Has he been able to work with the bank to avoid foreclosure?

A lot of less-famous long-term unemployed people would be grateful for his advice.

Anonymous said...

Romney's joke is almost, but not quite as funny, as Obama's "Shovel-ready" was not as shovel-ready as we expected." yuckfess from the other day.

James Rowen said...

To Anon, 12:38, Conflation is hardly a debating strategy.

Anonymous said...

It was not conflation and my comment was never meant to be a debating strategy Rowen.

Just raising an issue you would not otherwise want to see brought up on your blog.

And if you are expecting me to defend Romney's joke, hate to disappoint you but with Romney's stances on ethanol, global warming, and Obamneycare, the only thing I am unable to figure out is why Romney is not going for the Dem nomination.

Would not knock Romney too much either Rowen, at least not yet, since if Romney is the Republican nominee you can say hello to the 2nd term of Obama.

Anon 12:38 aka AJ