Friday, June 24, 2011

Darling's Police Pork Provision To Get Walker Veto

Watch recalled State Sen. Alberta Darling continue to spin herself away from a self-inflicted political wound: she co-wrote and slipped into the draft state budget on a Friday evening a sop to Milwaukee police officers that would stick only Milwaukee taxpayers with a city's fired officers' salaries and benefits as the officers' appeals edged forward.

Once this outrage was uncovered, she joined others, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who asked that Walker veto it.

It's that bad an idea.

How bad? 

Walker says he indeed will veto it, which is both good public policy and politics.

So let's track this: rogue officers screw their co-workers, bosses and the taxpayers; Darling screws the taxpayers on the officers' behalf, then screws her Joint Finance Committee colleagues who voted with her.

Then she asks Walker to unscrew everyone.

And she wants to be re-elected.

Here is the sort of officer Darling went to bat for until the issue got too politically charged - - and remember, officers with honesty issues make for bad witnesses in court:


1. Brown, Antonio, AWOL
2. Carr-Winding, Tamecka C., Off-duty employment, suspended registration, untruthfulness, AWOL
3. Cates, Ladmarald, Untruthfulness, idling and loafing (Sexual misconduct)
4. Corn, Jeffrey J., AWOL
5. Elm, Patrick R., Untruthfulness, disorderly conduct while armed-off-duty
6. Garcia, Michael G.,  Disorderly conduct while armed-off-duty
7. Gonzalez, Martin R., Failure to obey order
8. Jenkins, Jr. Roosevelt, Untruthfulness
9. Karr, Ryan D.,  AWOL
10. Moeller, Joel A., Failure to be honest and accurate in report
11. Morsovillo, James M., Untruthfulness
12. Vasquez, Mark, Residency


Anonymous said...

ooh! so Alberta likes the bad boys!

The Wisconsin Hypothesis said...

Given that liking "bad boys" is most often used in a sexual context, I'm going to label this as a bit of an uninformative slur.

Check out for more informative insults such as so Alberta Darling doesn't respect the legislative process

James Rowen said...

Agreeing w/ Wisc. Hypothesis

Paul Trotter said...

There seems to be many scams going on here. One by one Walker will veto the most contentious bills. Walker will be set up to be the savior of Wisconsin. Yet it appears that Darling had a long discussion with someone on the police commission and convinced her to change her mind. It's incredible how Darling and Vos provided no discussion on this bill during the senate "debate" yet after getting personal with the police commission changed her mind and spoke with Walker. Will Walker do the same for our beloved micro brewers? I suspect he will, considering he really doesn't need Miller. All hail the scam artist.