Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Fizgerald Flubs Talking Points During Fox News Freebie


Winning a battle for control of the State Senate is not about a budget or a fiscal crisis in Wisconsin - - it's about keeping the state red in the next Presidential election, says Scott Fitzgerald, the not-too-quick State Senate Majority Leader.

On Fox News.

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Anonymous said...

If that's their goal they have royally screwed that up. However this goes down a good portion of those that would vote Republican have switched to voting Democratic. Fitzy and Walker really are not that smart. Fitzy also said those recall laws aren't such a hot idea after all and we may need to change those. It just seems so transparent you can hardly believe they would say that. Lets make this a little more like a game and try and hide just a little bit what you're actually trying to do.