Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Republicans Find More Than Fat Cat Cash In DC Tonight

It was going to be a lovely soiree at Haley Barbour's lobbying offices, but when the anti-union bunch from Wisconsin got there...

Protesters! Everywhere. On, Wisconsin!

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Max B said...

Barbour and Associates is the same lobbying firm being paid tens of thousands of dollars of Waukesha taxpayers' money to lobby Jim Sensenbrenner** for hundreds of thousands of federal taxpayers' dollars to build the otherwise prohibitively expensive water diversion pipeline from Waukesha to Lake Michigan.

** Sensenbrenner loves the idea and would do his darndest to get Waukesha the money anyway, but there isn't a fatter or cattier fat cat in Congress and you can be sure he's taking full advantage of whatever lobbying perks may fall into his tuna can from Barbour and Assoc. Yes, this is the same Sensenbrenner who is against pork spending and increasing taxes.