Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out With Mandates From Madison! Bring On New Mandates From Madison!!

As Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker railed against state mandates - - because they cost money, took away local control - - and came from Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat.

Here's one example: Google the subject and find more:

For Immediate Release January 29, 2010


MILWAUKEE – County Executive Scott Walker and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway are reiterating their opposition to a bill proposed in the State Legislature to return 17 year-old offenders to the jurisdiction of juvenile court. If enacted, this change could cost Milwaukee County at least $24 million.

"Counties cannot afford any more unfunded mandates from the state," said Walker. " [emphasis added.]
Now Walker is the Governor, and will in his budget bill Tuesday drastically cut state aids to local governments and school districts - - thus mandating cuts at the local level - - and making a mockery of his anti-mandate stance.

Local officials around the state, in the position that Walker had been in for eight years as Milwaukee County Executive, see Walker as just another Madison Mandatemeister, which in this case means "hypocrite."

As was reported the other day from Shawano:

County braces for drastic revenue cuts
By Tim Ryan


Officials from Shawano and other counties were warned earlier this month that Gov. Scott Walker’s upcoming budget could cut state shared revenue by as much as half.

For Shawano County, that would mean a loss of $750,000.

County representatives heard the dire warnings at a meeting of the Wisconsin Counties Association earlier this month.

Shawano County Board Vice Chairman Arlyn Tober shared the report Wednesday with the County Board, relaying what counties were told by a state official.

“The Department of Administration told us, ‘what you have received in this year’s budget you will not get next year,’” Tober said...

“Some mandated programs paid by the state now could be shifted to counties,” Tober added...

County Administrative Coordinator Frank Pascarella said the anticipated state budget looks like it will continue a long tradition of shifting costs to counties...

“Counties have always had to deal with it,” he said. “Counties have always had to perform mandated programs without funding.”

Pascarella said he has not yet heard any talk of mandate relief from the new administration in Madison.

“The state is looking to address its budgetary issues and I do believe a number of those budgetary issues are going to be on the backs of the counties,” he said.

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