Friday, October 9, 2009

The World Likes Obama: Can The American Right Deal With That?

Despite talk radio's upset today - - and isn't it interesting that these nay-sayers couldn't just say, "Good for America" - - what we learn about the rest of the world is that it think's Obama's election itself makes for a planet where peace has a better chance of taking hold.


Anon Jim said...

Did not realize 5 lutefisk-sucking Norwegian politicians constituted "the rest of the world".

And please note that the praise for this decision was not exactly universal. Plenty of people in the US and abroad think this is a laughable joke.

Just have never been much for image and hype over reality.

Brutus said...

un-fortunatly, the Darwin worshiping neo-conservatives will never give him credence.

Anon Jim said...

"Darwin worshipping"

Wtsh does that mean?